Vickers Family Session - Spring 2017

Your Family

Your family are people, you can depend,
If you get in trouble, they shall defend.
They are the one's that understand,
Always willing to give you a hand.

Your family, you should always cherish,
Without them you would probably perish.
Your connection with them is very deep,
If something happens, together you weep.

You family can help, your confidence build,
With their love and support, you'll feel fulfilled.
Just don't forget to show your appreciation,
That will strengthen your relation.


Thank-you for allowing me to capture these special moments.  I am so lucky to call you all friends. Until next time..


Memorial Day Wedding

In my many years as a photographer, I’ve had the fortune to bear witness to so many perfect moments. On this occasion, I spent a glorious sun-kissed day in May- with newly weds Jenny and Justin, …and their wonderful families. Generations that go back further than one can fathom, filled a magnificently adorned barn- at Five Fillies Farm in New Wilmington,PA.


Rays of sun peered through the timeworn-wooden slats, and stirred joy and happiness that flowed freely throughout the room. Good and humble men- young and old… danced, smiled, drank, and loved; with the beautiful women of this warm and patriotic family. Through this artist’s eye, it was an immaculate send off- for two amazing people. In love, and in life…and this is only- their beginning.


Thank-you to Jenny & Justin for allowing me to be part of your special day!!

Whitley is THREE

I always say the best part about being a photographer is being lucky enough to watch a family grow.  From a first meeting, to an engagement session, to a wedding then, into a family.  I've been so blessed to watch Miss Whitley grow these past three years.  Thank-you to Dave & Beth for allowing me to be part of this special little girl's life.